A heritage to care for

At Alvhem, we have great passion for the home. To us, a home does not end by the door. It goes a lot further than that.

It is the choice of neighbourhood that influence where we decide to move. And behind each neighbourhood are the people. They are the heart of the neighborhood. It is also the people living there who create the homes. Many years of wear and tear produce the patina we love so much. When we have the pleasure of visiting one of these homes and can see the trace of patina in the original details, the stairwells or woodwork, that’s when we thrive the most. You see, in our eyes all these beautiful homes from the turn of the of last century are an inheritance to cherish and take care of. For the future. For the next couple, family or generation who plan to build their home there.

We think the word is so significant we chose it as part of our company name. Alvhem (hem =home). We view a home as the blend of ones own history and the apartments. A place where all the things we have fallen in love with come together. The new, the inherited, the second hand, vintage or original. Otherwise it isn’t a home. It has always been hard for us to draw a clear line between a home and interior design. Therefore it was obvious from the beginning that our own offices, our home ground, more should resemble interior design shops – a showroom for all things we can fit in the home of our dreams.

Our history and our future

At the end of 2006 we had, after several years at one of the leading real estate agencies in Gothenburg, a desire to do something different, genuine and personal.

The real estate business then focused mainly on sales and increased volumes – the number homes sold was what counted. The fact that we deal with people’s homes was lost somewhere along the way, and instead of homes they were labeled ”objects”. As the volume of ”objects” increased, the involvement and knowledge in each individual sale diminished. And since everybody was trying to sell everything, everywhere, there wasn’t the possibility of becoming really well-informed on anything. And those parts that matter the most to us – building long term relationships with people, buildingpreservation, architecture and interior design – was for the most part forgotten.

That is why we started Alvhem.

Among neighbours and friends

Right from the beginning we decided to forbid the word ”object ”, which is commonly used to within the Swedish real estate business when referring to people’s homes. Instead we wanted to be a company with employees who think in totally different way.

We wanted to be a company that focuses more on the people behind each affair. With employees that deliver quality service in all possible situations. That our first office was situated in the neighborhood of Linnéstaden is not a coincidence. We quite simply wanted to be in the area were we are active. And there we still are, close to our neighbours and our customers. Nowadays we sell apartments in the whole of the inner city of Gothenburg, from Linnéstaden, Kungshöjd, Vasastaden to Nedre Johanneberg and Lorensberg, areas that have a predominant share of buildings erected between 1880 to the 1930’s. It is in these attractive neighbourhoods, that our experience and knowledge comes to the greatest use.

A meeting place for the neighbourhood

When we opened the doors to our first office in 2007 Alvhem consisted of three real estate agents, one office manager and three dogs.

Now we are many times more. And in May 2016 we expanded further by opening another office in a new neighbourhood, Lorensberg. Obviously the office also this time will become much more of an interior design shop and meeting place for the area. Proximity to the parts of town where we market apartments, means that our real estate agents can walk or take the bicycle, with no need for a car. That suits us well as we wish to run our business with as little environmental impact as possible.


Bor du i något av områdena vi arbetar i och planerar att flytta? Eller funderar du på vad din lägenhet är värd? Fyll i dina uppgifter så ringer vi upp dig så fort vi kan. Vi hörs!